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Enhancing Literacy for Poverty Eradication

Target Groups

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The EABD project activities are designed to benefit various target groups at the community level, industry level and external level (outside of the project). Community level beneficiaries The primary target beneficiaries of the project are the children from disadvantaged communities, either rural of urban poor, whose access to supplementary reading material is restricted by rampant poverty. Alongside these, are the adults from similar backgrounds who require help to develop ideas for economic survival.

Activities that benefit these groups include reading tents, book donations, teacher training seminars in librarianship and upcountry book weeks exhibitions. Industry level beneficiaries The secondary level beneficiaries are book sector practitioners (authors, publishers, printers, booksellers and librarians) who are also the implementers of most activities.

At one level, activities such as book fairs, book donations, literary awards, seminars and workshops, etc, seek to improve their capacity in delivering the required books to the public. At another level secretariat support, organizational support, planning workshops, book weeks, etc, enable the practitioners to mobilize and organize each other into structured institutions for developing the sector and promoting reading. In the long term, impact created by the activities, such as enhanced literacy, a developed reading culture and subsequently increased book purchases benefits the industry.

EABDA itself, national councils, stakeholders associations and individual companies all benefit either directly or indirectly from the activities. External level targets These are the general public, policy makers and donors. Activities for these groups do not necessarily benefit them, but aim at sensitizing them on the plight of the primary and secondary beneficiaries described above, and to solicit for support towards the book sector. These include advocacy, media campaigns and seminars, book marches and book weeks in general.

News Updates
01 May, 2011
EABDA launched three new programmes in April 2011.
Quote of the Day
"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."
Mark Twain
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