East African Book Development Association

Enhancing Literacy for Poverty Eradication

Our Mission and Objectives

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EABDA’s Mission

EABDA's mission is to facilitate book trade by promoting the reading culture in East Africa and supporting the development of all functions of the book sector- from authorship to publishing, book marketing and distribution.


a) To strengthen and liaise with stakeholder associations in the East African book sector to jointly develop and promote authorship, production, publishing, reading and book trade.

b) To build capacities of stakeholders and organisations.

c) To initiate and support projects and public campaigns towards the enhancement of a book reading culture.

d) To support the development of school and community libraries and the training of teachers in reading methodologies and library development.

e) To promote cross-border book trade among East African countries.

f) To promote regional cooperation among stakeholders through seminars, workshops and conferences.

g) To lobby East African Community governments for favourable policy environments for the book industry.

h) To mobilise resources towards development of book industries and promotion of reading.

i) To cooperate with national, regional and international organisations with similar objectives.

j) To carry out other activities as could further the interests of the book sector.

News Updates
01 May, 2011
EABDA launched three new programmes in April 2011.
Quote of the Day
"People that read know better than those who don´t."
Lwosi, 1995
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