East African Book Development Association

Enhancing Literacy for Poverty Eradication

Welcome to EADBA

EABDA is a regional network for co-ordination of book sector activities in East Africa, registered as a society in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The Association's mission is to facilitate book trade and create a reading culture in the region through a wholesome approach of developing all functions within the book chain - from authorship to publishing and distribution.

EABDA embraces the principles of regional co-operation on which the East African Community is founded such as strengthening of regional collaboration for enhancement of understanding between different communities and growing of national economies through expansion of markets.

EABDA provides a regional forum for stakeholders from the East African countries to congregate, share ideas and experiences and to collectively initiate projects for developing the local book industry.

A Case for Book Development

Case Study

The book industry plays a central role in the delivery of education through the production and distribution of teaching and learning materials responsive to national curricula. It additionally provides relevant information at the community level.



News Updates
01 May, 2011
EABDA launched three new programmes in April 2011.
Quote of the Day
"People that read know better than those who don´t."
Lwosi, 1995
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